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Kelly was truly exceptional! Her knowledge of the SF market and resources were vital in us finding our first home to purchase. From the start, Kelly had gone above and beyond to educate us on the competitive market and how we would be going up against heavy odds that were most likely not always in one's favor. She was able to guide us through this process all the way to the end, making herself available even while we were traveling. Mere words cannot express how grateful we are to have had Kelly be by our side through this undertaking. Her expertise, dedication and, genuine kindness makes her an incredible asset for any home buyer (and seller for that matter.) We honestly could not have done this with anyone else!


Some of life’s most stressful events include selling and buying a home. Add the San Francisco real estate market as a factor, and that stress increases dramatically. The summer of 2014 will always stand out as a potentially overwhelming few months, but Kelly guided my family through that time with efficiency, professionalism, and most importantly, successful execution. She was able to stage, market, and close the sale of our condo, as well as locate, advise, and close on the purchase of our new house, all in within those months, and all within the city of San Francisco. In fact, thanks to her hard work, our condo was sold in a week, and our offer on our house was accepted a few weeks thereafter. It takes a significant amount of organizational skills, instinct, and client rapport to make all that happen so seamlessly. Kelly has all these and more. And her talents are only matched by her humility. Kelly is a friend, but I’m also proud to call her my agent.


Kelly was fabulous throughout the entire buying process!  She was patient, listened attentively, and followed through on every commitment she made - even weeks/months after the transaction was finalized.  While purchasing a home in SF can be a bit nerve racking, Kelly was a nice source of steadiness.  Would definitely highly recommend to anyone looking to buy in SF.  Kelly knows her stuff.


Kelly is a great agent to have on your side!  She's smart, honest and helps set realistic expectations. My husband and I hired her to list our condo and she gave us great advice as to the best time to come on to the market and various improvements we could make to increase our sale value.  She was also great at communicating to agents of potential buyers and we're very pleased with the final outcome.  She's prompt and responsive and we really appreciate all her hard work and help!


We couldn't have done it without Kelly.  My wife and I were able to get a great property in a hot neighborhood, right where we wanted to be.  Kelly helped us with everything from property selection to putting in a winning offer, as well as all the paperwork. Our purchase almost fell through during closing through circumstances out of our control, but Kelly made sure that every challenge got cleared. She also helped a friend purchase a great property down the street from us too with an off-market showing.


Kelly was a wonderful real estate agent and I'd highly recommend her to others!

Due to the highly competitive market in San Francisco, it took us 1.5 years to finally buy a house, (we just closed last week!)  We were very picky and also all over the map on what we wanted in the beginning.  Kelly was extremely patient with us and always seemed happy to help; she had a good sense of where properties would land and she was always honest with us, (even when I was disappointed by the information!)  Kelly was also extremely pleasant at all times and very prompt in her communication via email and text.  Kelly has good relationships with many other vendors and agents and she was great referring us to others and communicating with the seller's agent once we went into contract.  

Buying a home is an extremely personal and big decision, and I am so glad that we had Kelly to help us every step of the way.  She never made us feel rushed and she always supported our decisions and encouraged us to hold out for a place that we loved - and we are so glad we did!

Thanks Kelly!


We loved working with Kelly! She was a fantastic resource for our first home buying experience, and helped us find our dream home. We wake up every morning and think, "This is exactly what we wanted, and we can't believe we got it!" 

San Francisco is a unique and often difficult market to buy a house in. We started talking to Kelly almost a year before we actually purchased our place, and she was instrumental in getting our expectations in order. We're both originally from the Midwest where the markets have a totally different personality and are a lot less aggressive. We had everything we needed in order to buy a home back in Wisconsin, but had to step things up to our A-game to be competitive in this market. 

From Day 1, Kelly was totally straight with us about where we would need to get to to make that happen and then put us in touch with the resources we needed to get there. Once we were ready to start putting in offers, Kelly showed a spot-on instinct for how offers were going to go and was, again, there to explain this crazy market that sometimes seemed totally random to us, but she could make sense of where offers and prices were going to come from and why. 

We ended up putting in an offer for a very competitive SOMA condo on super short escrow terms to win the little bidding war that had flared up around this place. But with housing its not over until its CLOSED, and for the next three weeks, Kelly was the captain of our very wonderful closing team. It was her efforts and communication that kept the sellers, title company, mortgage company and US all focused on that closing date -- not letting anyone get thrown off course by the hiccups that invariably pop-up at the last minute. 

I think of where we were a year ago when we THOUGHT we were ready to buy a house, and know we never would have gotten here without Kelly and all her help, support and awesome work along the way.


Kelly is amazing!

We needed Kelly to help us with a unique transaction that most other agents had shied away from. Instead of backing down from the challenge, Kelly attacked it head on. 

As the transaction progressed it became apparent that we were going to need a specialist. Kelly reached out to her network and within 24 hours had 3 people who were able and willing to help. It was a huge relief on our end to have help finding a specialist. I don't know how we could have done it without her.

I highly recommend working with Kelly! She was there to help us every step of the way and her resources made the transaction as smooth as possible.


Kelly helped me to find a new one in the mission a few weeks ago. She made the whole process much easier than expected. Buying a home is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. Having Kelly on my side made it much easier than expected. She is very efficient, straightforward and professional. Oh, did you know she used to be a lawyer? Don't look further! Kelly is the one.


Kelly did an awesome job of guiding my husband and me through the purchase of our first house. Starting with a review of the (crazy) San Francisco housing market, Kelly made sure that we had a sense of what we were getting into. From then on, she was always super diligent with making sure that we were aware of listings that might be good for us, eager and available to show us properties and, when we finally found our house, totally on her A-game to help us submit a winning offer. But she didn't stop there. I was very impressed by how well Kelly helped us after our offer was accepted, including by scheduling inspections for us and working with our mortgage broker to make sure we were on track for closing. All in all, Kelly was smart, professional, resourceful and, I must add, like-able. I definitely recommend her!