Some of life’s most stressful events include selling and buying a home. Add the San Francisco real estate market as a factor, and that stress increases dramatically. The summer of 2014 will always stand out as a potentially overwhelming few months, but Kelly guided my family through that time with efficiency, professionalism, and most importantly, successful execution. She was able to stage, market, and close the sale of our condo, as well as locate, advise, and close on the purchase of our new house, all in within those months, and all within the city of San Francisco. In fact, thanks to her hard work, our condo was sold in a week, and our offer on our house was accepted a few weeks thereafter. It takes a significant amount of organizational skills, instinct, and client rapport to make all that happen so seamlessly. Kelly has all these and more. And her talents are only matched by her humility. Kelly is a friend, but I’m also proud to call her my agent.