We loved working with Kelly! She was a fantastic resource for our first home buying experience, and helped us find our dream home. We wake up every morning and think, "This is exactly what we wanted, and we can't believe we got it!" 

San Francisco is a unique and often difficult market to buy a house in. We started talking to Kelly almost a year before we actually purchased our place, and she was instrumental in getting our expectations in order. We're both originally from the Midwest where the markets have a totally different personality and are a lot less aggressive. We had everything we needed in order to buy a home back in Wisconsin, but had to step things up to our A-game to be competitive in this market. 

From Day 1, Kelly was totally straight with us about where we would need to get to to make that happen and then put us in touch with the resources we needed to get there. Once we were ready to start putting in offers, Kelly showed a spot-on instinct for how offers were going to go and was, again, there to explain this crazy market that sometimes seemed totally random to us, but she could make sense of where offers and prices were going to come from and why. 

We ended up putting in an offer for a very competitive SOMA condo on super short escrow terms to win the little bidding war that had flared up around this place. But with housing its not over until its CLOSED, and for the next three weeks, Kelly was the captain of our very wonderful closing team. It was her efforts and communication that kept the sellers, title company, mortgage company and US all focused on that closing date -- not letting anyone get thrown off course by the hiccups that invariably pop-up at the last minute. 

I think of where we were a year ago when we THOUGHT we were ready to buy a house, and know we never would have gotten here without Kelly and all her help, support and awesome work along the way.